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The payments of using the service of mobile transmissions are compatible with the price lists of operators.

The payments are not counted for a time of duration of connection, but for a amount of transmitted data. For more detailes please contact your mobile operator.

If you have older type of mobile phone, and even if it have black and white dispaly, it is possibile to receive the image thakns to WAP explorers form the WAPCam server.

To receive transmissions please choose proper for your mobile size of an image, it's resolution and time of refreshing- after approval of settings the automatic connection with the server and reception of an image will occure.
Streaming live
In most of mobile phones you should check or configure internet connection profile. Deafault names of internet connections profiles are: "Orange", "Plus Internet", "Era Streaming" or Internet Idea(Orange)". Automatic configuration can also be used to set up internet profiles. After recieving sms from your mobile operator you have only accept settings. Then type in your browser and choose link to transmission.If you have real player in your phone configure it in this way:
Menu->RealPlayer->options->settings->connection->network->default access point-your internet connections profile. In case of any doubts please contact your mobile operator.

We wish you great connections and nice impressions thanks to participacion in transmitted events.
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